Everything we do, we strive to do better.

The Viking story

We believe enduring success results from exceptional people and strong processes

Viking was founded in 1999 with the goal of building an enduring asset management firm. We’ve sought long-standing partnerships that are based on integrity and respect. We’ve built a deep team that cares about making a positive impact and is open to new perspectives.

For over two decades, we’ve fostered a culture of rigorous analysis, thoughtful investment risk-taking, and strong compliance that benefits our investors. We are the largest investor in Viking, aligning the interests of the firm with that of our partners.

Three Viking employees in deep conversation with each other







As of March 31, 2024.


Below are some of the key moments that brought us to where we are today.


Viking launches

After a summer of fundraising and building the team, Viking celebrated the launch of our first public equity strategy on October 1, 1999, with $520 million of capital. There were 17 Vikings: three portfolio managers, five analysts, two traders, and seven operations and administrative professionals.


Our first summer intern

Viking hired our first summer intern as an analyst on our investment team. Today, we hire graduate school interns throughout the firm. Over a quarter of our investment team and two of our ten portfolio managers started as interns.


Stepping up to the plate

Viking appointed its first portfolio manager, aside from the founders of the firm. Our investment team has a flexible multi-portfolio structure that allows analysts to gain portfolio management responsibility based solely on demonstrated performance. Since inception, 40 Vikings have been promoted to portfolio manager.


Sleipner awards

Nine Vikings received the inaugural Sleipner Awards, given to Vikings who complete eight years of service. In Norse mythology, Sleipner was the eight-legged horse ridden by Odin, chief among gods, who traversed land, air, and water. To date, 117 Vikings have received Sleipner awards, which are presented annually.


Contributing to our community

The Viking Global Foundation launched with a mission of engaging employees in philanthropy and having a positive impact in the communities in which Vikings live and work. Since inception, we have primarily supported early childhood education and development programs. In addition, we offer volunteer events, educational opportunities, and a matching gifts program.


Systems always ready

Viking conducted our first unscheduled failover test. With less than one hour’s notice, our technology team successfully moved all systems to our remote facility. The exercise provided us and our investors with confidence that Viking will remain up and running.


Striving to improve trading

Viking launched our internally developed Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) system. Created by our software development team and managed alongside our Quantitative Trading Analysts, TCA provides data that measures our cost of trading and, more importantly, helps our traders become more efficient.


Our first public-private strategy

Viking launched our public-private hybrid strategy to provide investors with a differentiating evergreen structure. The strategy invests in liquid and illiquid securities based on their relative risk-adjusted return profiles.


Capital return

Viking returned $8 billion of capital to our investors. Our guiding principle has been to manage the appropriate, rather than the maximum, amount of capital based on the team’s investment and operational capabilities. Within three years, we had grown capital back to the pre-return level.


Celebrating the past and present

Viking welcomed 183 current Vikings and 67 alumni to our 20th Anniversary celebration. We believe that “Once a Viking, always a Viking” and appreciate the contributions of all Vikings – past and present – to our success.

Seeking a positive impact through ESG integration

We believe we succeed when our investors, management teams, and communities succeed.

Our people are passionate about making a positive impact through environmental, social, and governance (ESG) integration. From the way we operate as a firm to how we invest, we seek to incorporate ESG factors that we believe lead to better outcomes.


People bring our culture of excellence to life.