Private Equity

What we do

We seek attractive illiquid investments, from early-stage companies with significant secular growth opportunities to established businesses with a reliable path to profitability. We remain focused on investing in premier privately held companies, backing best-in-class management teams and supporting their ability to unlock long-term value.

With our large, dedicated capital base, we can take the long view of our investments and support the business at every stage of growth. We offer our industry insights, vast network, and resources to help businesses make strategic decisions while giving them the autonomy to run their operations.

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How we identify investment opportunities

We leverage our extensive network and deep industry knowledge to identify a broad spectrum of opportunities with strong business models. With a small, dedicated team, we focus on specific themes that allow us to invest at scale with agility and conviction.

We invest across the life cycle from early compelling science to diversified platforms and late-stage programs with clinical proof of concept. We seek companies with breakthrough therapies and technologies that have the potential to create significant value.

We generally prioritize mid-stage B2B enterprise software companies that are positioned to benefit from architectural changes in compute. We look for businesses with strong unit economics and long growth runways that can accelerate with the right capital partner.

We identify high-potential companies and top-tier management teams that need flexible capital. We look across all industries to identify companies that have the capacity to be a leading player in their relevant markets and are on a path to sustainable profitability.




Investment professionals


Current Portfolio Companies

As of March 31, 2024.

Our portfolio

Since inception, Viking’s private equity strategy has invested in more than 100 companies, across a range of sizes, industries, and geographies.

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Empowering business owners through supportive partnership

We seek to empower high quality management teams with perspective, guidance, and resources to drive growth within their business.

Our large, stable capital base means we can build long-term partnerships with growing businesses that may need significant capital over their development lifecycles and experience higher levels of sector volatility.

We can provide capital support in primary and secondary transactions, in private and public offerings (including in IPOs), and across multiple funding rounds. We approach each opportunity openly and with a creative lens.

We leverage the firm’s deep industry knowledge, public and private experience, and extensive network to facilitate introductions, share industry insights, and advise companies on strategic, operational, financial, ESG, and policy issues.

Businesses can leverage the expertise and public market experience of our tenured global sector specialists and dedicated trading team, particularly as they look to identify public paths to liquidity.

We typically source investments on a proprietary or exclusive basis so we can work collaboratively, remain transparent, and avoid onerous capital structures or operating plans.

We believe in selecting well-managed companies and letting them do what they do best. While typically only holding board observer rights, we remain an engaged and supportive partner.

We focus our efforts on identifying exceptional companies and best-in-class management teams.

Leveraging Viking’s 20+ years of experience, vast network and resources, we build strong partnerships with our companies to support long-term value creation.

Meet the private equity team

Our collaborative team of investment professionals brings a depth of industry and investing experience. Together, we can tap into our network to support management teams.

The bow of a wood panelled boat heads into a bay of water, surrounded by rocky mountains

Integrating ESG into our investment process

Learn how we incorporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations into our investment process.

Learn how we can support your business with equity or credit and structured capital.