Pursuing performance and operational excellence.

Our investment process

We discover investment opportunities with compelling risk-adjusted return potential through our long-term fundamental research, strong relationships and broad capital markets expertise.

Close and intentional collaboration across our investment team allows us to make informed investment decisions and deploy capital with agility.

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Public equity

Our team covers approximately 1,000 publicly traded businesses around the world to identify attractive long and short investments and concentrate capital in ideas with the highest profit potential.

Industry specialists drive our investment selection process, allowing us to incorporate sector and company developments in real-time.

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Private equity

We focus on identifying disruptive industry themes and businesses with exceptional management teams. Our vast industry network, reputation as a constructive capital partner, and targeted outreach allow us to source prospective private investments.

We empower business owners and management teams and contribute our industry knowledge and capital markets expertise to help them make strategic decisions.

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We pursue investments that combine attractive return potential with downside protection. Our flexible approach, strong reputation and broad capabilities position us to serve as a value-added partner to high-quality management teams seeking alternatives to traditional equity financing.

Our relationships and experience in evaluating public and private businesses across industries enable us to identify investments and move quickly to capture them.

Strong collaboration between investment and operations teams

Our portfolio managers and analysts conduct in-depth company research to deploy capital with speed and conviction. Research specialists support our investment process with proprietary data analysis as well as environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and regulatory diligence.

The operations team plays a critical role in helping our investment professionals act quickly. Through our robust operational infrastructure, we apply deep expertise in risk management, trade execution, compliance, cybersecurity, accounting, technology, talent, and relationship management.

Together, we bring our diverse strengths and individual accountability to create stronger outcomes for
our investors.

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ESG integration

We believe companies that are well governed, socially responsible and environmentally conscious are more likely to succeed over time.

By incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into our investment framework and firm operations, we can reduce risk, identify opportunities and promote better investment and business outcomes.


We conduct company-specific and thematic research to capture and consider material ESG topics in our investment process.


We engage public and private companies on ESG issues, share best practices and make recommendations.


We strive to be an informed shareholder and exercise our responsibilities in a manner that serves the best interests of our investors.