Viking Global Foundation

Our mission

The Viking Global Foundation was founded with a dual mission – to deploy our time and capital to make a positive impact in the communities in which we live and work and to engage and educate Vikings about philanthropy.

Our approach

The Foundation takes a hands-on approach to further our mission. Viking employees play an active role.

We seek to deliver sustainable improvements to our community through three main efforts.

A group of colleagues hold handfuls of rocks and dirt.
  • We provide meaningful opportunities for Vikings to give their time and talent to nonprofit organizations in our communities. Each year, we organize over 40 volunteer events and charity drives. Vikings from all departments and offices participate in these events.

    Service Day: We partner with local organizations, such as the New York Restoration Project, to host our annual volunteer project to build green space and contribute to urban agriculture initiatives.

  • We host speakers from philanthropic and nonprofit organizations so Vikings can be more informed philanthropic donors. Additionally, we aim to contribute to the inclusive environment at the firm as we learn about a diverse range of issues.

    The most intensive and hands-on learning comes when Vikings join the Grants Committee. The Committee members work with the Foundation for a minimum of two years so they can learn our due diligence process and how to allocate funds. They form relationships with our nonprofit partners to help them achieve their organizational goals.

  • We provide strategic grants that support high-impact organizations with strong leaders and proven track records. We also support the diverse charitable interests of Vikings.

    Early childhood education grants – A volunteer Grants Committee made up of Viking employees identifies potential organizations, conducts due diligence reviews, and makes final decisions on the nonprofit partners. Since 2012, we have provided 170 grants to organizations in Connecticut, New York City, and San Francisco.

    Matching gifts – We double the personal contributions that Vikings make to nonprofit organizations by providing a matching donation (1:1) for up to five gifts or $5,000 annually. Last year, the Foundation supported more than 250 different nonprofits through the matching gift program.

    Capacity building support – Vikings can nominate nonprofits to receive a capacity building grant to improve their effectiveness and future sustainability.
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Our focus

We focus our engagement and grantmaking on three core areas: educational equity, environmental sustainability, and furthering the philanthropic pursuits of individual Vikings.

Featured program
Early childhood education grants

Environmental sustainability

Our goal is to help create more sustainable communities. We work with nonprofit partners to improve urban agriculture, promote conservation, and provide equitable access to parks and greenspace.

Viking community

Our goal is to encourage Vikings to share their own charitable passions with each other in an inclusive environment. We recognize the diverse interests of our employees while helping nonprofits to build capacity.

Learn about our community grants – >

Educational equity

Our goal is to increase access to education and economic opportunities for low-income families and individuals. We work with organizations to address systemic inequities and help those in some of the most marginalized communities achieve their full potential.

Learn about our early childhood education grants – >

Service Day

Early childhood education grants

Matching gifts

Each year Viking requests our most difficult projects and without fail, Vikings work arduously and diligently with our team to improve the most densely populated and least green neighborhoods in the City.

— New York Restoration Project

Our impact in 2023

Three colleagues paint a park bench with yellow paint.
Man wearing a mask feeds a piece of wood into a machine.




Volunteer hours
by Vikings


Vikings participated in
Foundation activities

In the spotlight

Union Settlement

A yard filled with weeds in front of a brown building shows what the lot looked like before Vikings got involved as part of Service Day.
A yard with freshly constructed planter boxes for vegetables shows what the lot looked like after Vikings got involved as part of Service Day.

Our 10th annual Service Day in 2022 brought 128 Vikings together over two days to work with our partner New York Restoration Project (NYRP) to upgrade the community garden of Union Settlement. Union Settlement is the oldest and largest social service provider in East Harlem, delivering critical support and services to a large immigrant and historically underserved community with one of the highest poverty rates in NYC.

The Viking team worked to transform a previously unusable space to create a beautiful garden.  Together we cleared overgrown shrubs, filled a dilapidated sunken area of the garden, and brought in soil to level the area.  Vikings also built, raised, and filled more than 40 planting beds, created wood chip pathways, planted 120 plants, mulched and watered ornamental beds, built furniture, and installed two new structures – a shade canopy and a 900 sq. ft. green house. In total, we provided more than 600 volunteer hours of sweat equity to enhance Union Settlement’s outdoor space and expand their ability to provide services to the community.

Hudson Guild

From 2013 to 2017, we were pleased to partner with Hudson Guild, a Manhattan-based community agency serving children from low-income families.

Through our grant program, we were able to support Hudson Guild in establishing a solid financial foundation for the future.

Our COVID-19 response

A group of colleagues gather canned food for charity.
Vikings help to wrap boxes of essential items for charity.

COVID-19 hit under-resourced and vulnerable communities the hardest, adding to the daily challenges facing low-income families and individuals.

Over 2020 and 2021, the Foundation allocated additional funds to support these communities during the pandemic.

  • In addition to our early childhood work, we funded more than $1.2 million in grants to nonprofit organizations providing services in areas such as food insecurity, childcare, and mental health support.

  • We provided additional funding beyond our typical grants to 10 early childhood nonprofit partners to address new and crucial needs related to COVID-19.

  • We launched a separate matching gift program to triple employees’ donations to organizations responding to the COVID-19 crisis.