Credit & Structured Capital

What we do

We strive to be a responsive and creative solutions provider for management teams and business owners seeking alternatives to traditional equity financing. We also opportunistically invest in public credit and credit-related opportunities and special situations.

We work in close collaboration with our public and private equity teams and may invest alongside them. 

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A long-term, partnership-focused approach

Our broad investment mandate includes:





Consistent with Viking’s equity businesses, we are long-term oriented and seek to be a supportive partner to the management teams we invest behind.

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Our commitment

Credit and structured capital are relatively new areas for Viking that we are committed to grow. We believe they are natural extensions of our fundamental approach to equity investing. We also view credit and structured capital as strategic in expanding the range of financing solutions we can provide to companies and investment partners.

Our effort draws upon Viking’s 20+ years of experience evaluating businesses and management teams and partnering with those we believe to be exceptional.


Being a part of Viking and working in close collaboration with our equity teams offers significant advantages to us and the companies in which we invest.

Integrating ESG into our investment process

Learn how we incorporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations into our investment process.

Learn how we can support your business with equity or credit and structured capital.